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yeah, i ran into a guy with a 07 Civic SI and conned me into running him.. I thought he had a greddy turbo kit, little did i know.. Turned out to be a 420whp+ ajp turbo setup with 6262 turbo…. lamo FKING A…” – Internet forum, 4/27/2010

In Summer 2006, AJ Performance introduced a turbo kit for the 2006 Honda Civic SI that put 376 hp to the wheels.

On May 5, 2010, Rob McMorris drove the AJ Performance Honda Civic Si to a ground-breaking 10.97 sec quarter-mile at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

I have smoked some unsuspecting drivers who were trying to race me, and they got shocked when I punched it and they heard the blow off valve.” – Ryan, Belleville, IL – May 19, 2010

On December 6, 2009, AJ Performance ran an 11.177 quarter-mile at the National Sport Compact Racing Association’s Round 4: Season Finale, held at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

Click here for official results from NSCRA

On May 25, 2007, AJ Performance ran an 11.966 quarter-mile with 20 psi of boost.

AJ Performance plans to push this car even further. Stay tuned!

AJP Shop Car pulls 510 whp on the dyno

AJP time slip - 11.966