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AJP Turbo Goes Big in Texas

by Admin on May 19, 2009

Tommy Drives From Austin, TX to AJP
Tommy, AJP customer from Austin, TXWhatever else is bigger in Texas, a Honda Civic Si has just joined their ranks with the installation of an AJP turbo kit and AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller.

Tommy drove his Rallye Red 2007 Honda Civic Si from Austin, TX to AJP in South Florida. One of his unforgettable experiences was riding in the shop car. When Ron gunned it without warning, Tommy grabbed for anything and everything he could, much to Ron’s amusement.

He is now equipped to continue the tradition with 421 whp/296 tq/10.2 psi of his own to jolt unsuspecting passengers.

Tommy opted for the AEM F/IC on top of the Hondata AJP Turbo reflash to maximize the horsepower of the kit for a stock motor. This has been one of our most popular options. Apparently, 376 whp for the basic kit is not enough.

Tommy got to see his car get worked on, but he also took time out to visit South Florida, namely the local poker tables.

When he got his car back, he was more than happy to show off its power for the video session.


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