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AJP Turbo Kit in Autocross

by Admin on June 7, 2010

Honda Civic Si With AJP Turbo Kit Beats SRT-4 and Mini Cooper S

On April 25, 2010 at the Portland International Raceway, Portland, OR, Bryan Simmons and his co-driver Shane Keinholz placed second in the Oregon SCCA Solo II division with Bryan’s 2008 Honda Civic Si coupe. They defeated a Dodge SRT-4, a Honda Civic, a Mini Cooper S and a Honda CRX.

Simmons is a veteran autocross driver and this year marks his third season with the AJP turbo kit. He finally got his Hondata FlashPro in September 2009 and that really made life wonderful, as it improved his drivability.

He commented, “So, with the FlashPro, my car runs great. It’s a mild tune at 315whp but it works well for autocross. I get zero turbo lag and good response in all RPM ranges. I have 2 settings on the boost, 11 psi and 6 psi.”

Interestingly, Bryan had us weld a catalytic converter into his downpipe, and he’s been running with it ever since.  Bryan’s racing demonstrates the durability as well as the power of the AJP turbo kit.

For this season, he added a Skunk2 Pro-C coilover suspension and slicks, which helps him handle the power much better.


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