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Another AJP Turbo Kit in Pittsburgh

by Admin on August 11, 2010

Dan from Pittsburgh Talks About His AJP Turbo Kit

Well I’ve had my AJP turbo kit for over a month now and all I can say is WOW! This is what I call a Honda overdosed on Steroids! I look at cars 3 ways: quick, fast, and AJP – haha, I definitely underestimated the power of this kit.

The first day I got it back, I was driving it back from the shop that is about an hour away and I figured I’d test it out on some of these back roads. “Holy Sh*t ” were the first words outta my mouth while I was grinning ear to ear. Money well worth it at that point.

I won’t lie – from stock to turboed @ 9+ psi, it was kinda scary at first. The car pulls so so hard and feels untouchable. Focus, responsibility and control all have to come together for you to handle this monster.

442 whp, 300 ft-lbs. of torque

So far on the highway I get the occasional STI, Evo, boosted Civics or even a Maserati 2 weeks ago and it is so fun letting them underestimate my little animal. They hit it and I hit it and bam! All they see is my car’s pretty lil ass as I pull away!

I’ve never been in a car that pulls so hard even at 100 mph. As far as the low end daily driving I’ve noticed so much more low end torque even when not in positive boost. AJP HAS COMPLETELY EVOLVED THIS CAR and it has impressed everyone that’s been in it or seen it at the track.

I’ve pulled trap speeds of 120mph meaning with traction this car can hit low 12s possibly high 11s on a stock motor. The built Evo I raced ran 12.7 at 106 thanks to all wheel drive and a 1.7 60-ft. Put him on a roll and it will be destroyed!

Overall I’m happy with my new toy but definitely recommend at least 75a Innovative motor mounts. My idle is set at 950 and there is no vibration or cabin rattle at all even with a/c.

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