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AJP Turbo Kit Powers Honda Civic Si FA5 to 12.35

by Admin on April 18, 2010

Robert’s Si Sedan Blazes Into the Low 12s

Robert, AJP customer from Hialeah, FL, exulted in his 12.81 quarter-mile run at 12 psi with a top speed of 117 mph. “Try to go low 12s,” he promised.

He did just that on his very next run, 12.35 and 117.6 mph at 15 psi and pump gas. With air temperatures in the low 70s and steady 20 mph crosswinds blowing across the track at Palm Beach International Raceway, Robert did everything right. He followed up with a 12.4, showing how locked in he was.

Robert’s 2007 Honda Civic Si sedan has a built motor, AJP turbo kit and Hondata FlashPro tuning. Drag radials and a custom 3″ exhaust round out the list of mods.

The next step is slicks and a time in the 11s.


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