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AJP’s Dynocom DynoDynocom DC-Tuner dyno

  • Tune Your Car
  • Measure Performance Improvement of Your Mods
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Great for contests
  • Safer than street-racing

Comparison between AJP dyno and Hondata dyno

AJPGil dyno graph

  • Hondata Naturally-Aspirated reflash
  • Hondata Heatshield Gasket
  • DC Race Header
  • HFP axle-back
  • FD2 CTR intake manifold
  • 219 whp (SAE corrected) on AJP’s dyno
  • 161 ft-lbs torque
HondataHondata NA reflash 06civ header intake

Tuning Hours

Monday through Saturday by appointment

Review this checklist:

  1. There should be zero check engine lights. Most CEL codes for oxygen sensors are acceptable depending on whether or not they can be disabled via the management system being tuned.
  2. There should be no exposed wires. Bad or faulty electrical connectors introduce extra variables that complicate things.
  3. Good battery and charging system.
  4. Tight bolts on the exhaust system
  5. No exhaust leaks from gaskets or flanges.
  6. Engine should be in good running condition; it should pass compression checks and leak-down checks

We can do these checks for a nominal fee of $40.

Remember that repairs cost time. Get your problem spots fixed well ahead of your appointment so that everything is running properly.

Dyno Waiver Form

Please download and fill out the All Jap. Cars Dyno Waiver form. We must have this completed form on file before your dyno session begins.

AJP Dyno Day, Saturday August 29