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AJP Road Monster Package

Oscar's new built motor with AJP exhaust turbo manifold

The AJP Road Monster Package combines the AJP turbo kit with a built motor. You will be able to increase your boost up to mid-20s psi and get an insane amount of horsepower. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that your engine will not explode. We introduced this option in late spring 2008 after we determined that we could exceed the 8.5 psi boost cut imposed by the Hondata reflash.

The Standard version will get you around 550 whp. The block is not sleeved. Turnaround time is 2 weeks from the day you drop your car off at the shop.

The Advanced version will get you around 700 whp. The block is sleeved. Turnaround time is 3 weeks from the day you drop your car off at the shop.

If you already own an AJP turbo kit, we can build the motor and then reinstall the turbo kit.

If you install the turbo kit and the built motor at the same time, you get an $800 discount off the $1200 normal installation price. That means you pay only $400.

The Hondata’s FlashPro can tune your car all the way up to the maximum horsepower level. Our shop uses FlashPro for its high-performance runs.

Please contact us to discuss prices, parts and options.

Sean from Laurel, MD

When you’re adding this much power, there are several other things you should get:

The Competition Clutch Multi-plate Assembly Twin-Disc Ceramic Kit but you can buy your own. We will install your clutch for free with your built motor. Call us to confirm that the clutch you want is compatible.

Ingalls Stiffy Engine Torque Damper to isolate the motor.

Wavetrac differential to minimize torque steer.