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Alex's Si shown in lower left corner of magazine cover

Alex Trambaioli of São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil had one goal for his 2008 Honda Civic Si – the most powerful in Brazil. Using the AJP Turbo kit and a built motor on ethanol, he made 851.1 whp and 553 ft-lbs. of torque.

During this build, his numbers were big enough to put him on the cover of RaceMaster Magazine, one of the leading drag race magazines in Brazil, while he was still running 712 whp @ 18psi.

Great job Alex!


851 whp, 553 ft-lbs. torque

Turbo kit: AJ Performance
Pistons: Wiseco
Rods: Eagle
Bearings: ACL
Turbo: Precision Turbo 6262 Ball Bearing
Piping: Custom Supercooler 3 pol.
Injectors: Injector Dynamics 2000
Fuel Line and Catch Tank in trunk by Alex Performance, Brazil
Fuel pumps: 3 pumps savor
Fuel Rail: AJ Performance
Tires: Yokohama Advan 038 235/17
Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers
Clutch: Spec Clutch Mini Twin 3-disc
Syncros: Syncrotech

Insane built motor


3(!) Fuel Pumps


Civic Si Turbo Monster Power




Another AJP Turbo Kit in Pittsburgh

by Admin on August 11, 2010

Dan from Pittsburgh Talks About His AJP Turbo Kit

Well I’ve had my AJP turbo kit for over a month now and all I can say is WOW! This is what I call a Honda overdosed on Steroids! I look at cars 3 ways: quick, fast, and AJP – haha, I definitely underestimated the power of this kit.

The first day I got it back, I was driving it back from the shop that is about an hour away and I figured I’d test it out on some of these back roads. “Holy Sh*t ” were the first words outta my mouth while I was grinning ear to ear. Money well worth it at that point.

I won’t lie – from stock to turboed @ 9+ psi, it was kinda scary at first. The car pulls so so hard and feels untouchable. Focus, responsibility and control all have to come together for you to handle this monster.

442 whp, 300 ft-lbs. of torque

So far on the highway I get the occasional STI, Evo, boosted Civics or even a Maserati 2 weeks ago and it is so fun letting them underestimate my little animal. They hit it and I hit it and bam! All they see is my car’s pretty lil ass as I pull away!

I’ve never been in a car that pulls so hard even at 100 mph. As far as the low end daily driving I’ve noticed so much more low end torque even when not in positive boost. AJP HAS COMPLETELY EVOLVED THIS CAR and it has impressed everyone that’s been in it or seen it at the track.

I’ve pulled trap speeds of 120mph meaning with traction this car can hit low 12s possibly high 11s on a stock motor. The built Evo I raced ran 12.7 at 106 thanks to all wheel drive and a 1.7 60-ft. Put him on a roll and it will be destroyed!

Overall I’m happy with my new toy but definitely recommend at least 75a Innovative motor mounts. My idle is set at 950 and there is no vibration or cabin rattle at all even with a/c.

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Virginia is for Turbo Lovers

by Admin on July 12, 2010

AJP Turbo Makes 30-Mile Commute Much Quicker

Manfred liked to drive fast – Autobahn fast. He used to drive a Mercedes on the famed high-speed road. The need for speed carried over to a 6-cylinder Honda CVX motorcycle back in the 1980s when it was one of the fastest bikes around. He made his bike even faster by getting a different displacement kit and a street race camshaft.

So when he bought his 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan for the family, he found it in desperate need of some pep. But for him, a motorcycle was for speed and a sedan was for the family.

Then he began investigating turbo kits for the Si. He was impressed by the fact that some of AJP’s earliest customers had reached the 60,000 mile mark with their turbo kits.

So he decided to turn his Si sedan into a speed demon and made the long drive from Virginia down to South Florida for scuba diving, alligators and a big turbo.

When he got behind the steering wheel, Manfred was amazed at the 431 whp and 295 ft.-lbs of torque at 11.1 psi – “Passing is like, nothing,” he noted. Having been used to motorcycles for fast driving, he remarked, “It’s going to take me a day or two to get used to it.”

Manfred was thinking realistically when he admitted, “This will be so much fun. I’m going to get so many tickets with this. I know that already.”

But the important thing was to have fun.

Manfred had a new lease on life after a recent battle with cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments gave him a new perspective on enjoying life.

“This is just for me to have fun back and forth from work and stuff. Just to show up the occasional Mustang…this is just to have fun, get squirrely every now and then and show some of those snot-nosed young kids…,” he stated with some emphasis.

Manfred couldn’t wait to get back home and try out his new commute. “This is my daily driver back and forth to work, I live in the country, I have a nice scenic route over a couple of bridges, right by the water and some interstate and it’s 30 miles one way and before I did it in 25 minutes, 30 minutes. I’ll probably cut that time in half almost – well, not that much.”

Manfred made the 900-mile drive back home without any problems.

Manfred’s testimonial

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AJP Turbo Kit in Autocross

June 7, 2010

Honda Civic Si With AJP Turbo Kit Beats SRT-4 and Mini Cooper S On April 25, 2010 at the Portland International Raceway, Portland, OR, Bryan Simmons and his co-driver Shane Keinholz placed second in the Oregon SCCA Solo II division with Bryan’s 2008 Honda Civic Si coupe. They defeated a Dodge SRT-4, a Honda Civic, […]

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AJP Shop Car Blasts Into the 10s

May 6, 2010

AJP Takes It to Another Level With 10.97 Quarter Mile Rob McMorris took the AJP Shop Car, a 2006 Honda Civic Si, into the uncharted territory of the 10s. On a warm breezy night at Palm Beach International Raceway, he ran a 10.97-second quarter-mile at 132 mph and a boost pressure of 24 psi. With […]

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AJP Turbo Kit Powers Honda Civic Si FA5 to 12.35

April 18, 2010

Robert’s Si Sedan Blazes Into the Low 12s Robert, AJP customer from Hialeah, FL, exulted in his 12.81 quarter-mile run at 12 psi with a top speed of 117 mph. “Try to go low 12s,” he promised. He did just that on his very next run, 12.35 and 117.6 mph at 15 psi and pump […]

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AJP Dyno Day

April 2, 2010

2-Day Dyno Day on April 24-25 AJP brings on its Spring 2-day Dyno Day event. Now is the time to get ready for race season. At the ultra-bargain price of $30 for 3 pulls, it doesn’t get any easier than this. All FWD cars are welcome. What about AWD? We’ll schedule your own Dyno session […]

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AJP Shop Car Runs 11.177 at NSCRA’s Season Finale

January 4, 2010

AJP’s Best Run of the Day Tops Out at 135mph After several weeks of practice runs and a lot of work, driver Rob McMorris drove the car to an 11.177 quarter mile, 135 mph at the National Sport Compact Racing Association’s Round 4: Season Finale in the Street Outlaw 4-cylinder class on Sunday, December 6, […]

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Brad’s AJP Turbo Kit Roars in Pittsburgh

August 4, 2009

Pittsburgh Raceway Park sees AJP Turbo Kit Congratulations goes to Brad and his 2008 Honda Civic Si sedan with the AJP Turbo kit. Brad made some outstanding quarter-mile runs in front of a video camera, putting up times of 13.11, 12.93, 12.91 and 12.90 at 10psi. AJP Turbo kit Owner drives into the 12s. Hondata […]

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AJP Turbo Goes Big in Texas

May 19, 2009

Tommy Drives From Austin, TX to AJP Whatever else is bigger in Texas, a Honda Civic Si has just joined their ranks with the installation of an AJP turbo kit and AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller. Tommy drove his Rallye Red 2007 Honda Civic Si from Austin, TX to AJP in South Florida. One of his unforgettable […]

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