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AJP Rescues Si from Botched Turbo Installation

April 14, 2009

Henry’s Long, Expensive Road to Turbo Ends at AJP Henry was a certifiable boost junkie. He drove a Neon SRT-4 and a 2004 Civic before getting a 2007 Honda Civic Si sedan. A year into his ownership, he installed nitrous, after getting a ride in someone’s nitrous-boosted car. That someone turned out to be Oscar, […]

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AJP Turbo on Missouri Mugen Si

March 19, 2009

A Mugen Finally Gets an AJP Turbo “That is one sweeeeeeeeeet running car though.” Brad’s Rebuild, March 5, 2009 20,000 people will get to know what an AJP Turbo kit sounds like this year. That’s because in Sikeston, MO, a town of 20,000, it will be difficult, if not impossible to miss a 2008 Honda […]

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AJP Shop Car Supersizes Its Power

February 19, 2009

Bigger Intercooler Adds More Horsepower The AJP Shop car just added a hefty amount of horsepower without a single tune. A dyno run last year showed that the limiting factor was the intercooler, so we replaced it with a much larger one. The car will run in the Import Face-Off event at the Palm Beach […]

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AJP Shop Car at Honda Civic Si Meet

February 16, 2009

Coral Springs Meet Draws over 15 Honda Civics The AJP Shop car joined over 15 other Honda Civics in Coral Springs, FL on a quiet Thursday night.  To complement the AJP turbo presence, Oscar brought his Si with the fully-built motor. There was no revving of engines, no racing, no burnouts – conditions we had […]

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AJ Performance Becomes a Carbonetic Dealer

January 31, 2009

AJ Performance is proud to announce that it is now the newest dealer for Carbonetic, makers of the world famous Carbon Clutch system. With the Carbonetic Triple Carbon Clutch System installed in the shop car, it was a natural fit. We will specialize in Carbonetic clutches for Honda cars. Customers who purchase either of the […]

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AJP Launches K-Series Fuel Rail for Honda Civic Si

January 16, 2009

AJ Performance Introduces K-Series Fuel Rail AJ Performance introduces a new fuel rail for the Honda Civic Si K-Series engine. We first brought you news about it while it was still in pre-production (click here). We tested it on a most unlikely car – Vy’s from Massachusetts. He visited us back in June 2008 (click […]

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Car Trailers at PRI

January 3, 2009

This entry is part of a series, PRI 2008» Huge Luxury Trailers For You and Your Car While the bulk of the booths at PRI 2008 contained parts that you could wrap your arms around, there was one segment of displays that you had to *walk* around – the trailers. One company, Star Transporters, specialized […]

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AEM at PRI 2008

December 31, 2008

AEM, Maker of F/IC that Helps Power the AJP Turbo Kit The AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller propelled the AJP Turbo kit to huge horsepower in 2008. It cleared the 8.5 psi barrier that was imposed by the Hondata reflash, which was a frustrating limit for customers up until F/IC’s addition to the kit in Spring 2008. […]

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AJP’s Dyno at PRI

December 28, 2008

This entry is part of a series, PRI 2008» Dynocom at the PRI 2008 Show For the last 18 months, AJP has thrilled many customers by using its Dynocom dyno to either diagnose problems or add more power. The dyno has handled all kinds of cars – front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Trucks, […]

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PRI 2008 Through a Wide-Angle Lens

December 21, 2008

This entry is part of a series, PRI 2008» AJP Takes in PRI Through a Fish-Eye Lens The PRI 2008 3-day show was big. Huge. It had over 4,200 booths. That’s 1,400 booths per day. 2.5 booths per minute. This was my first PRI show. Veterans advised me to walk up and down the aisles. […]

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