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Hondata FlashPro


Hondata's FlashPro w/OBD-II cable

  • Full user tuning
  • 20 hours of data logging for analysis or remote troubleshooting
  • Ultra reliable
  • Fast reflash of ecu
  • No wiring
  • 2006+ Honda Civic Si, 2006+ Honda Civic (R18), 2006+ Honda S2000, 2007-08 Acura TSX

The Hondata FlashPro is the best performance part you can get for your car. Whether your car is completely stock, an intake header and exhaust, a supercharger or our AJP turbo kit, the FlashPro handles it all. Simply put, the FlashPro stays with your car for its entire life.

Plus, with the 20-hour datalogging feature, you can have your car tuned remotely. You record a datalog, send it to a tuner along with your calibration file, and get a new calibration file for you to upload.

Get your FlashPro today before you order anything else and enjoy the noticeable improvement.