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Virginia is for Turbo Lovers

by Admin on July 12, 2010

AJP Turbo Makes 30-Mile Commute Much Quicker

Manfred liked to drive fast – Autobahn fast. He used to drive a Mercedes on the famed high-speed road. The need for speed carried over to a 6-cylinder Honda CVX motorcycle back in the 1980s when it was one of the fastest bikes around. He made his bike even faster by getting a different displacement kit and a street race camshaft.

So when he bought his 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan for the family, he found it in desperate need of some pep. But for him, a motorcycle was for speed and a sedan was for the family.

Then he began investigating turbo kits for the Si. He was impressed by the fact that some of AJP’s earliest customers had reached the 60,000 mile mark with their turbo kits.

So he decided to turn his Si sedan into a speed demon and made the long drive from Virginia down to South Florida for scuba diving, alligators and a big turbo.

When he got behind the steering wheel, Manfred was amazed at the 431 whp and 295 ft.-lbs of torque at 11.1 psi – “Passing is like, nothing,” he noted. Having been used to motorcycles for fast driving, he remarked, “It’s going to take me a day or two to get used to it.”

Manfred was thinking realistically when he admitted, “This will be so much fun. I’m going to get so many tickets with this. I know that already.”

But the important thing was to have fun.

Manfred had a new lease on life after a recent battle with cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments gave him a new perspective on enjoying life.

“This is just for me to have fun back and forth from work and stuff. Just to show up the occasional Mustang…this is just to have fun, get squirrely every now and then and show some of those snot-nosed young kids…,” he stated with some emphasis.

Manfred couldn’t wait to get back home and try out his new commute. “This is my daily driver back and forth to work, I live in the country, I have a nice scenic route over a couple of bridges, right by the water and some interstate and it’s 30 miles one way and before I did it in 25 minutes, 30 minutes. I’ll probably cut that time in half almost – well, not that much.”

Manfred made the 900-mile drive back home without any problems.

Manfred’s testimonial

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